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Thank you for your interest in the University of Borås

Choosing a university is one of the most important career decisions you’ll ever have to make and choosing a university in a foreign country doesn’t make the decision any easier. We hope that the information you’ll find on this page will help you make that all-important decision and answer most of the questions we assume you might have about life and studies in Borås and Sweden in general.

If you have questions about the University or its programmes and courses you, are welcome to contact us.


Exchange students

Welcome to the University of Borås!


The University of Borås welcomes over 250 exchange students from all over the world every year. In order to be accepted as an exchange student, you need to be a student at one of our partner universities and be nominated for exchange studies at your home university.

We participate in several different international exchange and internship programmes, including Erasmus+, Nordplus and Linneaus-Palme.


Immigrant Academy

Are you a foreign academic? Then the Immigrant Academy could be something for you.

These activities aim to facilitate foreign academics establishment on the Swedish labor market through preparatory introduction courses and guidance.

You get two semesters of intensive study in Swedish as a second language, Swedish society and working life. You will study literature, language structure, Swedish working life and many other relevant areas of society. The program comprises 60 credits (credits) for two semesters and the studies are full-time (40h / week). The courses at Immigrant Academy are at a preparatory level and cannot be part of a college degree

Guidance for employment or further studies are also included.



Application and admission

The Admissions Office at the University of Borås manages the admission for programmes and courses at the University of Borås.