The Japanese delegation from Teikyo University visits our school
pubtime:2016-03-23   Visit:




On March 23, Teikyo University School of science and engineering, Department of wave wild Mian science minister, full a Yu, chief, Arai Masano, Professor Watanabe Ryuji, kawamoto please long transaction, Iiyama Kenji chiefs and Takahashi Nobuyuki officer a line of seven people to our school for a period of one day visit.
At ten o'clock in the morning, headed by President of the Xu the leadership of the school and school leadership reception Teikyo University visiting delegation, both sides is introduced to each other schools, and student exchange, exchange of teachers and academic studies show strong intention to cooperate.
At half past one in the afternoon, Teikyo University held our college computer major Japanese students oriented university, and students with in-depth exchanges study in Japan are introduced in this paper, the students ask questions actively, lively scene.
After the briefing, the delegation of seven people visited our hospital computer and ship electric multiple laboratories, for our hospital adequate laboratory facilities and fostering the students hands-on ability of the concept expressed high degree of concurrence, the delegation to depth to communicate with our hospital, actively explore the feasibility of cooperation in running schools, willing to recruit our hospital computing professional class of Japanese students to the school students.