Welcome professor Rolf from University of Borås
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On April 22, the Swedish bross university professor Rolf as 2016 year in the LP dual degree student exchange program exchange teachers, letter electric institute in foreign teachers classroom teaching, public lectures and the selection process of the Chinese exchange students.
22 afternoon, professor Rolf for letter electrical college students taught a vivid lesson, fuse level 13, 14, 15 part of the students of grade three involved in the course. After the introduction, professor Rolf from the familiar to Sweden are introduced, and the students, and bross the general situation of the city, make the students in Sweden the country had further understanding.
After the professor Rolf to do the subject for the students: Scientific perspectives in Social Science course teaching, it is the students never contact before content, but professor Rolf by vivid examples, slowly, patiently the course content to students. The teaching, giving our students in all English classes hall, valuable opportunity to accept foreign professor teaching specialized courses, also close to understand the foreign universities teaching methods; Both widened the field of vision, and exercise the English level. Many students in this course after the show to Sweden this country yearning, as well as the project of interest and enthusiasm for the exchange students.
Rolf, a professor at the professor's teaching contents include: Acadamic Writing, Research Process, etc., as well as the public lecture: Motivation at Work. During the professor Rolf will also further cooperation and the cooperative agreement renew and other issues related to our leaders to discuss.


随后Rolf教授为同学们做了主题为:Scientific perspectives in Social Science的课程授课, 这虽是同学们之前未曾接触过的内容,但Rolf教授通过生动的举例,耐心地放慢语速,使课程内容易于同学们接受。此次授课,给了我院的同学置身于全英文课堂、接受国外教授讲授专业课程的宝贵机会,也近距离了解了国外大学的授课方式;既开阔了视野,又锻炼了英文水平。不少同学在本次课程结束后表示出对瑞典这个国家的向往,以及对交换生项目的兴趣与热情。
Rolf教授此次教授的课堂内容还包括:Acadamic Writing、Research Process等,以及公共讲座:Motivation at Work。期间Rolf教授还将就双方进一步的合作及合作协议的续签等问题与我校相关领导进行商讨。